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Noun1.visible spectrum - the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prismvisible spectrum - the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism
spectrum - an ordered array of the components of an emission or wave
electromagnetic spectrum - the entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves
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Tristimulus Colorimeter Filters to Measure Display Brightness and Color: II-VIs new tristimulus colorimeter filters achieve high transmission in the visible wavelength range and deep blocking of near infrared and ultraviolet, to enable very high luminance measurement sensitivity and dynamic range.
The material exhibits a high performance of antireflective properties in the visible wavelength range at a wide range of incident angles.
The combination of visible wavelength and infrared data shows a highly color-coded surface of Phobos.
The material features the ability to absorb light from low-energy wavelengths and convert it to a selected visible wavelength, heightening visibility in low light conditions such as inclement weather and poorly lit indoor environments.
These products provide more than 90% diffuse reflectance across the visible wavelength spectrum, in thicknesses of 125 or more, which is desired by many LED lighting applications.
The Spark-DET-VIS delivers full spectral measurements over the visible wavelength range of 380 to 700 nm.
The Spectrophotometer technology is used in every day industry to either characterise a sample and/or to also provide visible wavelength data for the accurate calculation of colour.
QD Laser also has the potential to extend wavelength lineup by combining with a wavelength conversion technology in visible wavelength regions like 515nm and 555nm for special green laser or 560nm and 590nm for yellow to orange colors.
This situation should be feasibly solved by changing visible wavelength laser by another suitable NIR excitation laser.
However, the new patented mirror system used in the ultra-accelerated concentrator has very high reflectance in the UV and near visible wavelength ranges while attenuating reflectance in the longer wavelength visible and IR portions of the solar spectrum.
The high light transmittance of optical composites at the visible wavelength range brings about the possibility of communication between the inside and outside of the devices, while the high CTE of the epoxy resin needs to be lowered to match with that of the packed devices such that a large thermal strain between the contained device and the epoxy package under operating condition can be avoided.
Uncertainties in the NIST spectral standards for detectors and sources in the visible wavelength range are propagated from the high accuracy cryogenic radiometer measurements, taking correlations into account at every stage.