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A member of the western Goths that invaded the Roman Empire in the fourth century ad and settled in France and Spain, establishing a monarchy that lasted until the early eighth century.

[Late Latin Visigothī, the Visigoths; see wes-pero- in Indo-European roots.]

Vis′i·goth′ic adj.


[ˌvɪzɪˈgɒθɪk] ADJvisigodo, visigótico
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Early in the eighth century, the Muslim Umayyad Caliphate advanced from its conquests of Syria, Egypt, and North Africa into Visigothic Spain, which they largely overran.
711: Berber Islamic troops begin a successful invasion of Visigothic Hispania under Tariq ibn Ziyad: their first landing point will later be named in his honour as Jebel Tariq - Tariq's mountain - which passes into Spanish as Gibraltar.
It is also the case that there was no local precedent for a marketplace inspector resembling the Roman aedile in the Iberian peninsula in the late Visigothic period.
Cohen undertakes his ambitious objective by finding the roots of religious intolerance in the sixth-century union between the Visigothic monarchy and the Catholic clergy, which instituted a policy "of oppressing Jews as polluting archenemies of the Catholic faith .
Chapter Two surveys the use of peace in the political vocabularies of the barbarian rulers of Vandal North Africa, Gibichung Burgundy, Ostrogothic Italy, Visigothic Spain, and Merovingian Francia, with a digression on the notions of peace found in the works of Pope Gregory the Great.
It also recalls the small hanging cylindrical crowns of the seventh century Visigothic king
There is also the mishmash or worse that results when an individual favors whatever bits of tradition happen to favor his mood, inclinations, or political program and he puts the bits together; such phenomena can range from secular bar mitzvahs to Visigothic blessings of same-sex unions conducted by Anglican bishops.
Although the Toledan manuscripts were retained in the archives, they contained only "silent music"--the Visigothic neumes could not be realized in actual performance and were not the basis of the neo-Mozarabic rite.
2) As it turns out, Alaric set up the Visigothic Kingdom in Aquitaine, France, which was built almost exclusively on the political culture, system of organization, and laws of the very Roman Empire Alaric had just helped destroy.
He was born in the period when odoacer's Visigothic kingdom was in difficult position due to raids of Theodoric's osthrogots.
Notable are Wood's characterizations of Isidore's histories as deliberately written in a persuasive style in general, and so they would demonstrate the moral right of Visigothic rule specifically, particularly in contrast to the Ostrogoths in Rome.
There are still 1,200 trees from the Visigothic and Roman eras on record.