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Noun1.visual impairment - impairment of the sense of sightvisual impairment - impairment of the sense of sight  
amaurosis - partial or total loss of sight without pathology of the eye; caused by disease of optic nerve or retina or brain
amblyopia - visual impairment without apparent organic pathology
ametropia - (ophthalmology) faulty refraction of light rays in the eye as in astigmatism or myopia
aniseikonia - visual defect in which the shape and size of an ocular image differ in the two eyes
anorthopia - distorted vision in which straight lines appear curved
aphakia - absence of the natural lens of the eye (usually resulting from the removal of cataracts)
blindness, cecity, sightlessness - the state of being blind or lacking sight
color blindness, color vision deficiency, colour blindness, colour vision deficiency - genetic inability to distinguish differences in hue
diplopia, double vision - visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects; "diplopia often disappears when one eye is covered"
disability, disablement, handicap, impairment - the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness; "reading disability"; "hearing impairment"
day blindness, hemeralopia - inability to see clearly in bright light
hemianopia, hemianopsia - blindness in one half of the visual field of one or both eyes
quadrantanopia - blindness in one fourth of the visual field
metamorphopsia - a defect of vision in which objects appear to be distorted; usually due to a defect in the retina
moon blindness, night blindness, nyctalopia - inability to see clearly in dim light; due to a deficiency of vitamin A or to a retinal disorder
photoretinitis - damage to the retina resulting from exposure of the eye to the sun without adequate protection
detached retina, detachment of the retina, retinal detachment - visual impairment resulting from the retina becoming separated from the choroid in the back of the eye; treated by photocoagulation
scotoma - an isolated area of diminished vision within the visual field
tunnel vision - visual impairment involving a loss of peripheral vision
xanthopsia - visual defect in which objects appear to have a yellowish hue; sometimes occurs in cases of jaundice
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In a South Australian first, new technology will be available at three pre-poll voting centres to better support voters who are blind or have a vision impairment at the upcoming state election.
NAt Guide Dogs we believe that no-one should be left out of life because of vision impairment whatever their age or circumstances.
People with diabetes especially need to maintain proper eye care to avoid retinopathy or vision impairment or loss," said Dr Ansari.
She added that regular check-ups are essential for individuals with a high risk of vision impairment, such as those living with diabetes.
Led by Professor Rupert Bourne from Anglia Ruskin University and funded by the Brien Holden Vision Institute, the study analysed the prevalence of blindness and vision impairment in 188 countries between 1990 and 2015.
ISLAMABAD -- More than 200 million people are living with moderate to severe vision impairment therefore the number of blind people across the world is set to triple within the next four decades, researchers suggest.
Summary: The initiative is first of its kind in the country, aimed at ensuring the safety of people with vision impairment.
However, despite total vision loss, being a Palestinian woman, and living under occupation, Canawati has achieved so much for the people with vision impairment, whether it was to insure that they get an appropriate education or integrate in the job market.
8 million persons aged [greater than or equal to] 65 years reporting severe vision impairment in 2014 (1), an estimated 1.
The annual day of awareness is held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment.
World Sight Day (WSD), organized under "Vision 2020: The Right to Sight" global initiative, is observed on the second Thursday of October to focus on blindness and vision impairment as well as their prevention and treatment.
Pharmaceutical company Alimera Sciences (NasdaqGM:ALIM) reported on Tuesday the receipt of marketing authorisation from the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products in Poland for ILUVIEN for the treatment of vision impairment associated with chronic diabetic macular edema (DME).

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