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Noun1.visual system - the sensory system for vision
eye, oculus, optic - the organ of sight
nervus opticus, optic nerve, optic tract, second cranial nerve - the cranial nerve that serves the retina
sensory system - the body's system of sense organs
visual modality, visual sense, vision, sight - the ability to see; the visual faculty
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Perception is the final stage in the visual pathway.
Visual-evoked potential (VEP) recordings represent a mass response of cortical and probably subcortical visual areas, and are used to assess the functional integrity of the visual pathway (2).
2-4] Impulse transmission in the visual pathway might be affected by ID.
sup][3],[4] Studies have also shown that coordination defects in the bilateral visual pathway were associated with a reduction of the schizophrenia patients' abilities to process vocabulary.
By starting treatment while a childs visual pathway is still maturing (up to age eight), we have a we have a greater chance of reversing this damaging condition without any long-term effects on vision.
Majority of the cases have visual impairment due to anterior visual pathway disorders.
He could go blind if it hits the visual pathway in his brain or paralyse him if it hits motor pathways.
He could go blind if the bullet hits the visual pathway in his brain and if it hits the brainstem, the area that keeps us awake, he could die.
7) While understanding the neural nature of amblyopia has been the subject of various investigations over many years, given the amblyopic relationship with the spatial properties of the neurons in the primary visual cortex, neurophysiological researchers believe that such damage can be observed in higher visual pathway centers.
They also highlight how higher cortical areas can influence and modulate how we see by modifying the responses of neurons at the earliest stages in the visual pathway through feedback connections.
In the largest review of gliomas of the anterior visual pathway to date, 1.