Visual point

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the point at which the visual rays unite; the position of the eye.

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Other times if I see a collection, such as the air ambulance, I'll stand with them for a visual point.
Passwords are entered using head movements and confirmed by customers staring at a visual point for more than 1.
In this case, the segment positioned was fitted to bisect the pupil to help reduce the amount of differential prism at the near visual point.
RockSmart accomplishes two goals when it comes to patient care: it provides a positive visual point of interest and a safe and soothing rocking experience.
It's labelled water-resistant than waterproof, because you should always reapply SPF after swimming, from a visual point of view, we found glowy BB tint stayed put after a dip.
The necklace can be the first visual point of your outfit so you should invest wisely.
MCCLUSKEY ON: LIVERPOOL AND ITS PEOPLE: "From a visual point of view Liverpool has changed dramatically, some of the new buildings, the regeneration down on the docks and the continuing regeneration, there's a vibrancy about the city.