n.1.Food; victuals.
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Les mariners i unt ancre (ms: ancree), Sigle abatu e bien teolde (ms: teoldee), 876 Ilokes vunt cum est custume, De tens attendent suautume; En havene sunt bien lungement Pur atendre le prospre vent, 880 E vunt tel hore est a la terre Pur vitaille e garison quere;
15) A passage like "Houses of office stuffed with plentee / Ther maystow seen, of deyntevous vitaille / That may be founde as fer as last Ytaille" (264-66), with its direct address to the audience and with its emphasis on seeing (Chaucer's addition), keeps the clerk's travelogue running throughout the Tale,(16) so that the travellers seem to cooperate in the legend's telling.