Vital air

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oxygen gas; - so called because essential to animal life.

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There is no other fear so horrible and unhumanizing as that which makes man dread to breathe heaven's vital air lest it be poison, or to grasp the hand of a brother or friend lest the gripe of the pestilence should clutch him.
Yes, in these halls, stained with the noble and pure blood of my father and my brethren in these very halls, to have lived the paramour of their murderer, the slave at once and the partaker of his pleasures, was to render every breath which I drew of vital air, a crime and a curse.
IAF executed more than 4,000 sorties to attain the vital air superiority over East Pakistan, and to support the Indian Army's ground operations.
The aircraft will support Babcocks contract with Air Ambulance Services of Norway to provide communities across Norway with vital air ambulance support.
Silber's characters sing, and scenes here have a nostalgic, vital air that will speak to Fiddler devotees.
They argue it provides the best chance of maintaining vital air links between the region and the capital.
James Hogan, Etihad Aviation Group president and CEO, said: "The US is one of the world's leading economies and Etihad Airways, together with its partners within EAG, have made great strides to stimulate air travel to and from the United States, have created vital air corridors connecting global markets, and have become a key contributor to the US economy.
Russia, which provided vital air support for the army assault, said earlier this week it was sending militant engineers, sniffer dogs and "demining robots" to help defuse explosives in the old city.
From that point the Spitfire went on to take a leading part in gaining vital air superiority over Europe.
A further contribution will allow WFP to continue to operate UNHAS, the vital air service that provides the humanitarian community with crucial transport around the country.
Sinjar is free because Royal Air Force and other Coalition forces provided vital air support for local, legitimate ground forces, focused on defeating ISIL and minimising civilian casualties.