Vital functions

(Physiol.) those functions or actions of the body on which life is directly dependent, as the circulation of the blood, digestion, etc.

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References in classic literature ?
One Eye Kanty, owing to his early trade, held the always important post of chief armorer, while Peter the Hermit, the last of the five cut-throats whom Norman of Torn had bested that day, six years before, in the hut of Father Claude, had become majordomo of the great castle of Torn, which post included also the vital functions of quartermaster and commissary.
Contract award notice: Delivery of vital life monitor monitors cvsm (mobile system for monitoring the vital functions of the patient with equipment enabling the transfer of monitored data to the it system and the documentation of the ele.
Andrzej Kubler, head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy at Wroclaw University, said, "We had no experience with such a long-term maintenance of vital functions of a patient with irreversible brain damage.
The surgery gets rid of the tumour without damaging any of these vital functions.
alleviate his pain and keep all his vital functions going,'' said biologist Rafael Gutierrez.
As part of the agreement, Insituform will utilize several minority and woman owned businesses to perform vital functions supporting the installation of Insituform CIPR.
All its economic, social and vital functions would be inexistent," he said, stressing the need to set an approach to the pension system and the social security which has been a priority for the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc.
Sometimes they cause sickness, but most of the time, microorganisms live in harmony with their human hosts, providing vital functions essential for human survival.
Sufferers are physically and mentally unresponsive to external stimuli, but require no help with vital functions such as breathing and heart rate.
These help the body perform many vital functions such as regulating the amount of salt in the cells and bloodstream.
The measures were made intentionally to prevent the ruling party from having more than 65 seats in Parliament, while the parliamentary opposition will have several vital functions and committees," he explained.
Sonja Kramarska from Utrinski vesnik estimates that the LATAS scandal is a heavy blow to the Prime Minister and his personal credibility because it penetrates the country's vital functions.