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a.1.Of or pertaining to Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect.
Vitruvian scroll
(Arch.) a name given to a peculiar pattern of scrollwork, consisting of convolved undulations. It is used in classical architecture.
- Oxf. Gloss.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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However, there were two plausible self-portraits, the Vitruvian Man and Salvator Mundi, that have the eyes straight.
Azerbaijani movie "The Salty Sea Dog" by Murad Abiyevhas won Vitruvian Awardat DaVinci International Film Festival held in Los Angeles.
From April 19 to July 14, the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice will launch a new exhibition dedicated to the great polymath, displaying one of his most iconic Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawings, the Vitruvian Man.
Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man HERE are almost 200 countries in the world today - and that's a lot of potential passport stamps to collect.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 24 (ANI): As part of a research revelation like the origin of zero or Fibonacci series from India, Oxford scholar Ashish Jaiswal in his book 'fluid', has proposed that the celebrated drawing 'The Vitruvian Man' by Leonardo Da Vinci may actually have its roots in India.
Among them his world famous Vitruvian Man sketch, the bronze sculpture David ndash reputedly a depiction of the young Leonardondash and Salvator Mundi, his painting of Jesus Christ which recently became the most expensive in history.
CRF Health has been majority-owned by investment firm Vitruvian Partners since 2015.
Gas and petroleum production in the SCOOP alone grew 53 percent in the last three months compared to the same period the prior year.<br />Gulfport bought land leases and producing wells from privately held Vitruvian II in December 2016 in the SCOOP play, which includes Grady, Stephens and Garvin counties.
"With [Da Vinci's] the Vitruvian Man, because that work is all about body proportions, I decided to take it down a plastic surgery route.