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 (vĭz-kä-ē′nō, bēth-kä-), Sebastián 1550?-1615?
Spanish explorer who was the first European to make a systematic exploration of the California coast (1602-1603).
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Noun1.Vizcaino - Spanish explorer who was the first European to explore the California coast (1550-1615)
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Miguel Gomez hit a one-out double in the sixth and Vizcaino Jr.
The Islamic Republic will even have trouble dealing with other Islamic banking systems, says Bernardo Vizcaino, because it has organized its Islamic banking system in a way that other view as un-Islamic.
Pictured in the front from the left are Safiah Afify, Irma Khoja, Carmen Vizcaino, Taghrid Hassan, and Saman Movassaghi.
Ileana Vizcaino Dime--who described the bombings and the autopsy of the sole fatal victim, Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo.
The remaining four sites were mesic desert palm oases surrounded by xeric plant assemblages within the Lower Colorado (El Berrendo and Rancho Matomi) and Vizcaino (El Rincon and Mision Santa Maria) phases of the Sonoran Phytogeographic Province (Murvosh, 1994; Franco-Vizcaino et al.
com/TylerKepner/status/6930710538) tweets that a deal has been agreed to that will send Javier Vazquez back to the New York Yankees along with Boone Loganin exchange for Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and Arodys Vizcaino.
In the deal Vazquez and lefty reliever Boone Logan will go to the Yankees in exchange for Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and minor leaguer Arodys Vizcaino, the report said.
Originally signed by the Dodgers out of the Dominican Republic, Vizcaino spent 18seasons in the majors with eight different clubs, including two stints with the Dodgers.
Vizcaino, they received a report that another apparent stabbing victim was at UMass Memorial Medical Center - Memorial Campus on Belmont Street.
Last May, IMMP purchased a 200-hp four-stroke outboard for the staff patrol boat used for El Vizcaino Reserve, the largest wildlife refuge in Latin America.
An outfitter in San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Kuyima is owned and operated by local people within the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve to promote sustainable economic development.
All we're telling Rosario Robles is that she received a majority of votes on March 17," said PRD election coordinator Arnoldo Vizcaino.