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 (vlăd′ĭ-käf′käz′, vlə-dyĭ-kəf-käs′)
A city of southwest Russia at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains north-northwest of Tbilisi, Georgia. Founded in 1784 as a fortress, it is a metallurgical and industrial center. From 1932 to 1944 and from 1954 to 1990 it was known as Ordzhonikidze.


(Russian vlədikafˈkas)
(Placename) a city in S Russia, capital of the North Ossetian Republic on the N slopes of the Caucasus. Pop: 318 000 (2005 est). Former names: Dzaudzhikau (1944–54) or Ordzhonikidze (1954–91)


(ˌvlæd ɪ kɑfˈkɑz; Russ. vlə dyɪ kʌfˈkɑs)

the capital of the North Ossetian Autonomous Republic, in the Russian Federation in SE Europe. 300,000.
Formerly (1944–91), Ordzhonikidze.
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Tenders are invited for provision of financial services for the provision of credit resources for repayment of debt obligations of the municipal entity of the city of vladikavkaz 280,000,000 (two hundred eighty million) rubles for a period of 12 months
Novaport is Russia's largest network of regional airports, including 16 airports in such cities as Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Mineralnye Vody, Vladikavkaz, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Barnaul and Stavropol.
The next tournament was decided to be held in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia-Alania) in 2016.
In a meeting in Ossetia's capital city of Vladikavkaz on Friday, the two sides vowed to do their best to pave the ground for promotion of mutual cooperation.
The team faces a Caucasus derby against former Russian champion Alania Vladikavkaz, which was relegated from the Premier League last season and is leading candidates for promotion from the second-tier Football National League.
However, Thompson and gaffer Peter Houston will be desperate to avoid an energy-sapping trip to Alania Vladikavkaz of Russia or Serbia's Red Star Belgrade.
Vladikavkaz, the capital of northern Ossetia during which 15 people were
According to the Emergency Situations Ministry, the attacker detonated his explosives as he drove by the main entrance to the Vladikavkaz market.
The announcement came as the number of those killed in the blast on Thursday in Vladikavkaz, a major city in Russia's North Caucasus region, rose to at least 17.
"That air conditioners sell for [$1,650] instead of [$350], when people are dying of the heat is immoral and cruel," said Archbishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz. "Sell them at the old price at least.
Among those killed was a woman authorities believe set off the explosion on Thursday in North Ossetian regional capital, Vladikavkaz, the regional Interior Ministry said.