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 (vlăd′ə-mîr′, vlə-dyē′mĭr)
A city of western Russia east of Moscow. Probably founded in the 10th century, it came under the control of Moscow during the 15th century.
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(Russian vlaˈdimir)
(Placename) a city in W central Russia: capital of the principality of Vladimir until the court transferred to Moscow in 1328. Pop: 310 000 (2005 est)


(ˈvlædɪˌmɪə; Russian vlaˈdimir)
(Biography) Saint, called the Great. ?956–1015, grand prince of Kiev (980–1015); first Christian ruler of Russia. Feast day: July 15
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(ˈvlæd əˌmɪər, vləˈdi mɪr)

1. Saint. Also, Vladimir I. ( “Vladimir the Great” ) a.d. c956-1015, grand prince of Kiev 980-1015: first Christian ruler of Russia.
2. a city in the W Russian Federation, E of Moscow. 343,000.
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"I think," he said, "that you had better see Mr Vladimir. Yes, decidedly I think you ought to see Mr Vladimir.
Mr Vladimir, First Secretary, had a drawing-room reputation as an agreeable and entertaining man.
At once, with contemptuous perversity, Mr Vladimir changed the language, and began to speak idiomatic English without the slightest trace of a foreign accent.
Cherchez la femme," Mr Vladimir deigned to interrupt, unbending, but without affability; there was, on the contrary, a touch of grimness in his condescension.
Vassily Lukitch replied that the Vladimir was greater than the Alexander Nevsky.
He imagined his father's having suddenly been presented with both the Vladimir and the Andrey today, and in consequence being much better tempered at his lesson, and dreamed how, when he was grown up, he would himself receive all the orders, and what they might invent higher than the Andrey.
"Vladimir started, for in his veins the lust of passion had welled until it had reached boiling point.
"'Vladimir!' she whispered, almost beside herself, as she sank upon his bosom.
"'Vladimir!' again she whispered in her intoxication, while her bosom heaved, her cheeks glowed, and her eyes flashed fire.
When little Vladimir finally relinquished her, with assurances that he was `desolated to leave so early', she was ready to rest, and see how her recreant knight had borne his punishment.
"Vladimir Doktorenko," said Lebedeff's nephew briskly, and with a certain pride, as if he boasted of his name.
And who then would give us the Vladimir medal and ribbon?