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 (vlăd′ə-və-stŏk′, -vŏs′tŏk′, vlə-dyə-və-stôk′)
A city of extreme southeast Russia on an arm of the Sea of Japan. It has been a naval base since 1872 and grew rapidly after the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railroad in the early 1900s.
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(ˌvlædɪˈvɒstɒk; Russian vlədivasˈtɔk)
(Placename) a port in SE Russia, on the Sea of Japan: terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway; the main Russian Pacific naval base since 1872 and chief commercial and civilian Russian port in the Far East; university (1956). Pop: 584 000 (2005 est)
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(ˌvlæd əˈvɒs tɒk, -vəˈstɒk)

a seaport in the SE Russian Federation in Asia, on the Sea of Japan: eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. 648,000.
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Noun1.Vladivostok - a seaport in the Asian part of RussiaVladivostok - a seaport in the Asian part of Russia
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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And yet, when a Russian moves between the two universes, this feeling of finality persists, the logical impossibility of a place like Russia existing alongside the civilized world, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, sharing the same atmosphere with, say, Vladivostock....
The military exercises are only the latest example of the deepening ties between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, which were also showcased last week in Vladivostock at the Eastern Economic Forum.
The Venta Maersk left Vladivostock before docking in Pusan, South Korea.
Born in Vladivostock in the far east of Russia, Coun Kostyan attended school in the UK from the age of nine and eventually moved to Manchester to study at university.
En 1860 se fundo la ciudad de Vladivostock, afirmando el imperio en el Pacifico.
Workers in Vladivostock, an east coast port in Russia, often find work as painters and decorators.
We use the People 's Daily Online list because a letter from Dutch Comintern Executive Committee (ECCI) member Henk Sneevliet, writing under the pseudonym Maring to the ECCI, Profintem, and the Vladivostock Bureau (dated 25 June 1923 and available in the Sneevliet Archives) confirms its list of members and alternates (Saich 1996, 94n24).
As the delivery date of the Vladivostock, the first of the two ships, approached in November 2014, the French government decided to withhold delivery in the hope of pressurising Russia to end its support for pro-Russia armed separatists involved in the conflict.
Greene presents readers with an account of his 6,000-mile journey across Russia on the Trans-Siberia Railway from Moscow to the Pacific port city of Vladivostock and the people that provide the author with a glimpse of the new Russia along the way.
Superintendent Wilcocks informed the magistrates that the man stated he had been following the calling of a ship's cook, and that he has signed on at Kilwa, in East Africa, on a vessel that left there on August 6 for Vladivostock. When about three days at sea, he and the rest of the crew were taken off this boat and put on a German gunboat called the Kreina nach, and subsequently transferred to a steamship manned by a German crew.