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 (vlăd′ə-və-stŏk′, -vŏs′tŏk′, vlə-dyə-və-stôk′)
A city of extreme southeast Russia on an arm of the Sea of Japan. It has been a naval base since 1872 and grew rapidly after the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railroad in the early 1900s.


(ˌvlædɪˈvɒstɒk; Russian vlədivasˈtɔk)
(Placename) a port in SE Russia, on the Sea of Japan: terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway; the main Russian Pacific naval base since 1872 and chief commercial and civilian Russian port in the Far East; university (1956). Pop: 584 000 (2005 est)


(ˌvlæd əˈvɒs tɒk, -vəˈstɒk)

a seaport in the SE Russian Federation in Asia, on the Sea of Japan: eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. 648,000.
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Noun1.Vladivostok - a seaport in the Asian part of RussiaVladivostok - a seaport in the Asian part of Russia
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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His ship was well known in all the ports from Vladivostok to Singapore.
In the Presidium of the Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Vladivostok a scientific and practical seminar was held on the holding of "Cross Years of Interregional Cooperation between Russia and China in the Territory of Pacific Russia".
Summary: Vladivostok [Russia], October 29 (ANI): The Indo-Russian military Exercise 'Indra-2017' culminated today at Russian port city Vladivostok after eleven days of joint training in counter-terrorism operations.
Bradley Liew's 'Singing in Graveyards,' which topbills Pepe Smith as a grizzled rocker, will compete in the 15th International Film Festival of Asian-Pacific Countries in Vladivostok, set in Russia, from Sept.
By: MENA MOSCOW - 7 August 2017: Moscow will allow the citizens of 18 countries to receive e-visas to enter its free port of Vladivostok starting Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a Monday statement carried by Sputnik news agency.
The Russian government announced Monday that citizens of 18 countries will benefit from Russian entry facilities from the city of Vladivostok, 9,000 km from Moscow, TASS agency reported.
It was en route from the South Korean port of Pusan to Russia's Vladivostok after an international yachts race.
Auto Business News-August 19, 2015--Toyota to cancel production of vehicles through joint venture at assembly facility in Vladivostok
Summary: The construction of a bridge across the Lena River in Yakutia is to be discussed in Vladivostok on September 17
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 26, 2015-Russian consortium to acquire shares in Vladivostok International Airport
25 February 2015 - A consortium comprising the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Chinese airport operator Changi Airport Group's Changi Airports International subsidiary and Russian industrial group Basic Element is the winner of the tender to acquire shares in Vladivostok International Airport in Russia's Far East, the consortium said on Wednesday.
Two men, both 22, graduated from the Agriculture Vocational and Technical College in Denau in Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan, and went to look for work in Vladivostok (Russia) in 2011-2012.