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 (vlôr′ə) also Vlo·ne (vlō′nə)
A city of southwest Albania on Vlorë Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. Albania's independence was proclaimed here on November 28, 1912.
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(Albanian ˈvlorə) or


(Placename) a port in SW Albania, on the Bay of Vlorë: under Turkish rule from 1462 until Albanian independence was declared here in 1912. Pop: 124 000 (2006 est). Ancient name: Avlona Also called: Valona
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(ˈvlɔr ə, ˈvloʊr ə)

a seaport in SW Albania. 61,000.
Formerly, Avlona.
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An Antigua and Barbuda Government statement said on Wednesday that the agreements were signed in Washington by Antigua and Barbuda Ambassador to the United States Sir Ronald Sanders and his Kosovo counterpart, Vlora Citaku.
In reaction to the attack on the Roma woman, Kosovo's Ambassador to DC, Vlora Citaku, shared a personal anecdote describing how Kosovo society has discriminated against Roma people for decades.
The sacred litany of national events began on November 28, 1443, when the national hero Scanderbeg declared independence from the Ottomans; it continued on November 28, 1912, when the independent Albanian state was proclaimed in Vlora; it passed through the birth of Adem Jashari on November 28, 1955, and came to an end on November 28, 1997, when the Kosovo Liberation Army went public and announced the start of the liberation war.
One of the activists of the Egyptian community in Albania, Zhaneta Sali Veizaj, said that she has now been working for the Egyptian community for 26 years, since March 1992, when she was 35 years old, and she has been a community leader as well as executive director for her city, Vlora, at the first Balkan-Egyptian non-governmental organisation.
A gas pipeline will be built between the Albanian cities of Fier and Vlora in order to ensure gas supply to Albania as part of the Southern Gas Corridor project, according to the message.
The students learned of the "Rehabilitation of the Vlora River Road Project" funded by KFAED, to be complete by 2019, he said.
Some of his statements left the Albanian leaders with the negative impression that he was above all interested in their homeland as an agrarian appendage and source of raw materials inside the socialist system, a resort for workers from allied countries, or a place to site a naval base at the advantageously located Albanian port of Vlora. The trip coincided with the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations, and Hoxha and his associates became increasingly inclined towards gradual tactical rapprochement with Beijing, in a behind-the-scenes search for potential allies to counter Soviet hegemony.
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Technical Science, University of Vlora "Ismail QEMALI", Vlora 9401, ALBANIA
Associate Broker Mark Akilov represented the seller; CEO Yona Edelkopf and associae Vlora Sejdi represented buyer.
Fieldwork conducted in nine districts of Albania respectively, in Tirana, Durres, Vlora, Fier, Elbasan, Korca, Pogradec, Gjirokastra and Saranda during May-July 2013 served to collect primary data through face-to-face interviews with Roma community members.