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 (vlôr′ə) also Vlo·ne (vlō′nə)
A city of southwest Albania on Vlorë Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. Albania's independence was proclaimed here on November 28, 1912.


(Albanian ˈvlorə) or


(Placename) a port in SW Albania, on the Bay of Vlorë: under Turkish rule from 1462 until Albanian independence was declared here in 1912. Pop: 124 000 (2006 est). Ancient name: Avlona Also called: Valona


(ˈvlɔr ə, ˈvloʊr ə)

a seaport in SW Albania. 61,000.
Formerly, Avlona.
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is pleased to announce that the Company has resumed its usual operations following commencement of export activities at the Petrolifera Italo Albanese ("PIA") Terminal port facility near Vlore, Albania on Tuesday, June 7.
Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov's Cabinet stated that they have no information whether Ivanov received an invitation or whether he will attend the meeting of the presidents of the Western Balkan countries in Vlore, Albania, on 23 and 24 June.
She said trafficking rings in Vlore, Albania, have smuggled 10 boatloads of 40 or more Kosovars each night into Italy.