Vocal resonance

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(Med.) the sound transmitted to the ear when auscultation is made while the patient is speaking.

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His respiratory system examination showed shift of trachea to right side, stony dull note on left chest fields, decreased vocal resonance and vocal fremitus in the same areas and decreased air entry on left side.
He explains harmonics, theories of vocal resonance, the basics of formants, harmonic/formant interactions, female/treble voice resonance strategies, male passaggio training, perceptions of when a voice turns over, the pedagogic implications of vocal tract acoustics, pedagogic strategies that encourage stability and a convergent resonator, the acoustics of belting, terminology, and vocal explorations and exercises for vowel turning and first formant/first harmonic (F1/H1) tracking, as well as supplemental strategies.
Vocal resonance also affected the perception of gender in Zimman's study.
We find five actors seated on park benches with garbage strewn around them: No Legs (played by Ashley, who occasionally takes on the guise of another character named simply, I live in the park), The Man in the Green Pants (Sam Ashley), Shirley Temple (portrayed in down-and-out fashion by Jacqueline Humbert, who has also designed costumes for Ashley's operas since the early '80s), The Rug (Thomas Buckner), and Lucille (Joan La Barbara, one of the great innovators of the voice over the past thirty-five years, who has investigated vocal resonance and pushed the limits of the voice as an instrument).