Voice, Harsh

Voice, Harsh



  1. A hard, crushing voice like stones smashing against each other —Aharon Megged
  2. Her voice … creaked like the hinges of a rusty iron gate —Stefan Zweig
  3. Her voice flew around like pots and pans —Leonard Michaels
  4. Her voice sounded as brittle and sharp as a broken sliver of glass —Graham Masterton
  5. High, irritating voice, like a razor blade —Caryl Phillips
  6. His voice was harsh, like a great whirring mill saw —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  7. Hoarse bass voice like an echo in an empty house —Amos Oz
  8. A hoarse voice … like something broken —Romain Gary
  9. A retching voice like a tin shovel scooping water off a concrete barn floor —Leonard Casper
  10. A roughness in her voice like a grasshopper’s —Virginia Woolf
  11. [Voice] sounded like two shards of pottery being rubbed together —Norman Mailer
  12. Their voices slash like reeds —William Meredith
  13. A thick, husky voice that sounded as if he’d swallowed too many years of fog —Margaret Millar
  14. A voice as hard as the blade of a shovel —Raymond Chandler
  15. Voice … brittle as the first ice of autumn —Michael Gilbert
  16. Voice … brittle, like overdone candy cracking on a plate —Pat M. Esslinger-Carr
  17. Voice cracking like a trunk lid unopened for years —Patricia Henley
  18. Voice … croaky and tense and faintly honking, as if a metal tube were involved in its production —John Updike
  19. Voice, cruel as a new knife —George Garrett
  20. Voice … deep, like crusted port wine —Donald Seaman
  21. Voice flat and hard as a stove lid —James Crumley
  22. Voice … fringed and sharp like the edge of a saw —Carson McCullers
  23. Voice … hard as a nail on glass —William Beechcroft
  24. Voice harsh and light as the scratching of dry leaves over the hard ground —Edna St. Vincent Millay
  25. Voice harsh like tin and without heat like tin —William Faulkner
  26. Voice … hoarse as a rooster —John Farris
  27. Voice like a chair scraping across a tiled floor —Roderic Jeffries
  28. Voice like a fingernail scraping down a dry blackboard —Reynolds Price

    Modern usage favors ‘chalkboard.’

  29. Voice … like a foghorn in foul weather —George Garrett
  30. A voice like a howitzer —Thomas Carlyle about his publisher Frederic Henry Hedge
  31. Voice … like a pointer moving sharply on a map or blackboard —Mary McCarthy

    McCarthy’s Charmed Life was written in the forties. As indicated in entry #28, the currently preferred word for ‘blackboard’ is ‘chalkboard.’

  32. Voice, like a rusty hinge —Margaret Mitchell
  33. Voice like a slate-pencil squeak —Paul J. Wellman
  34. Voice like a spoon scraping a cooking pot —Annette Sanford
  35. Voice like a tight squeak —Anon, about Marilyn Monroe by Columbia Pictures when they fired her in 1948
  36. Voice, like barbed wire —Helen Hudson
  37. A voice like cracking glaciers —Elinor Wylie
  38. A voice like frosted trees in the wind —Rolaine Hochstein
  39. A voice like hot ashes —James Agee
  40. Voice … like sand —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  41. Voice like scruffed gravel —Hortense Calisher
  42. Voice like the cracked shriek of a desert wind —Phyllis Bottome
  43. Voice … reedy like a tall-legged, tall-necked bird —Carolyn Chute
  44. Voice … scratchily metallic as though it were being raked across miles of rusted roofing tin —Sharon Sheehe Stark
  45. Voice … sharp as a snowflake on a sunburned nose —Rex Reed, about Tennessee Williams
  46. Voice … sharp as porcupine quills —John Updike
  47. Voice … sharp, splintering, like dry kindling split by an ax. Voice like pebbles in a bucket —Carlos Baker
  48. Voice so ruined it sounded like a wood rasp —John Yount
  49. Voice sounded like a crow with a cold —Harold Adams
  50. Voice … sounds as if her throat is swollen shut —John Updike
  51. Voices shrill as children’s whistles —Marge Piercy
  52. Voice that sounded like tires on a wet road —Richard Maynard
  53. Voice … with a hardness in it like struck steel —John Yount
  54. Voice … with an alluring crack in it, like some magisterial old woman who has smoked all her life —Lynne Sharon Schwartz
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We urge people who have any of the following symptoms -- coughing up blood, persistent or intense cough, shortness of breath, a hoarse voice, harsh sounds with each breath, and recurrent lung problems such as bronchitis or pneumonia, to immediately seek medical attention to ensure early detection and treatment," urged Dr Taher.
Shortness of breath, changes in the voice, harsh sounds when breathing, recurrent lung-related illnesses like bronchitis, and coughing up blood could also indicate lung cancer.