Voice glide

(Pron.) the brief and obscure neutral vowel sound that sometimes occurs between two consonants in an unaccented syllable (represented by the apostrophe), as in able (a"b'l). See Glide, n., 2.

See also: Voice

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Her voice glides over each song nicely as she spits matter-of-fact lyrics and even finds ways to reference the TV shows "Martin" and "Narcos," as well as "Forrest Gump," in the songs.
In the first examples, as there is no accent, the voice glides over all the vowels.
His warm, raspy voice glides alongside delicate guitar picking, plucking and strumming.
These two largely country-flavoured albums from the early 70s, presented together on one CD, contain some marvellous songs and Walker's superb voice glides through some country and western gems.
His sexy gravelly voice glides over the southern soulful melodies like a dream, with Never Love Again and Pass Me Over standing out more than the others.
His silky voice glides over audiences like fine chocolate melted over plump fruit.
Siouxsie's cool voice glides over these songs and the inclusion of Voices in posh clothing only goes to prove how right they were so early in their career.
The New Jersey native's voice glides through these 11 sleepy tracks, with just enough growl to make her woes believable.
Soderholm's voice glides with the accompanying violin in a song as calming as a star-filled sky and as soothing as a hug.