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A constellation in the polar region of the celestial Southern Hemisphere near Carina and Dorado.

[Latin volāns, present participle of volāre, to fly.]
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n, Latin genitive Volantis (vəʊˈlæntɪs)
(Astronomy) a small constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Carina and Hydrus
[C19: from Latin, literally: flying, from volāre to fly]
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Noun1.Volans - a small constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Dorado and Carina
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Its host star, L 98-59, is an M dwarf about one-third the mass of the Sun and lies about 35 light-years away in the southern constellation Volans. While L 98-59b is a record for TESS, even smaller planets have been discovered in data collected by NASA's Kepler satellite, including Kepler-37b, which is only 20% larger than the Moon.
Taking place in halls and churches throughout the area, this year's programme includes a recital of minimalist composers Reich, Volans and Leak by the Colin Currie Quartet featuring a crowdsourced ensemble of local percussionists, and kora playing by the Senegalese musician Seckou Keita.
Flying Fish is named after a constellation in the southern hemisphere called Volans, which represents exploration, according to LaVecchia.
BridgeNet develops, sells, and supports its proprietary software, Volans, a web-based 3-dimensional application designed to create, evaluate and display flight operations.
The firm develops, sells, and supports its proprietary software, Volans, a web-based 3-dimensional application designed to create, evaluate and display flight operations.
The company's hardware products include the Warp Medical Recorder, Volans Vital Sign Module and Urxa Ultrasound Module.
But that composer was Kevin Volans - described in the programme, not without justification, as "the most celebrated 'classical' composer Africa has ever produced" - and both of these works were world premieres: the second, Volans's Piano Concerto No.4 being a BCMG Sound Investment commission.
A respected phenomenon too, one who cannot be anyhow pigeonholed, is Kevin Volans, an Irishman born in South Africa, whose music formed another axis of the festival programme.
Se capturaron un total de 33 murcielagos pertenecientes a cinco especies de la familia Phyllostomidae (Anoura geoffroyi Gray, 1838, Artibeus lituratus Olfers, 1818, Carollia sowelli Baker, Solari & Hoffmann, 2002, Diphylla ecaudata Spix, 1823 y Sturnira hondurensis Goodwin, 1940) y una de la familia Vespertilionidae (Myotis volans [Allen, 1866]), de los cuales se extrajeron 20 moscas de la familia Streblidae pertenecientes a siete generos y ocho especies.
Kagwang (Cynocephalus Volans) , whose name is derived from a Visayan expression of anger, is labeled by environmental organizations as an 'endangered species.' It is found in the Mindanao Faunal Region and in the Eastern Visayan provinces of Bohol, Leyte and Samar.
Peter Volans, who owns Brasserie Hudson Quay, said he takes the decision to reply to negative reviews of his restaurant "to give the public a balanced view".
Polyester batting was added to each trap for warmth and traps were baited with a mixture of peanut butter, molasses, and oats to target southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans, Bowman el al, 2005).