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n.1.(Min.) A mineral occurring in small six-sided tabular crystals of a green or yellow color. It is a hydrous vanadate of copper and lime.
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In the fossil wood many mineral species have been found, including copper, chalcocite, volborthite, cornubite, chalcophyllite, zeunerite, connellite and many others.
Some exceptional specimens of rhodonite, tinzenite and rhodochrosite have been found here, as well as remarkable volborthite collected in the 1970's.
It yielded good crystals of volborthite, chalcophyllite and other arsenates.
For those interested in rare and elusive copper species, microminerals from agardite-(La) to volborthite are found throughout many of the now inactive mining districts of New Mexico.
Primary Copper Minerals Secondary Copper Minerals Bornite Tenorite Antlerite Devilline Chalcopyrite Tetrahedrite Aurichalcite Langite Chalcocite Azurite Malachite Covellite Brochantite Metatorbernite Cuprite Calciovolborthite Metazeunerite Digenite Chalcanthite Olivenite Djurleite Chalcoalumite Parnauite Enargite Chrysocolla Vesignieite Lautite Conichalcite Volborthite Tennantite Cyanotrichite Zeunerite
Other associated minerals include carbonate-fluorapatite, copper, kaolinite, libethenite, pseudomalachite, quartz and volborthite.
Excellent specimens of crystallized volborthite have been exposed locally throughout many areas of the deposit.