Volcanic cone

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a hill, conical in form, built up of cinders, tufa, or lava, during volcanic eruptions.

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On the Himalaya, and on the isolated mountain-ranges of the peninsula of India, on the heights of Ceylon, and on the volcanic cones of Java, many plants occur, either identically the same or representing each other, and at the same time representing plants of Europe, not found in the intervening hot lowlands.
Frothy fire fountains erupted from the "Cobra Head" volcanic cone when Vallis Schroteri (Schroter's Valley) formed.
The highest volcanic cone is Mount Maanling Crater, one of the best-preserved dormant craters in the world.
Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the island of St Helena is an isolated 29,652-acre (12,000ha) volcanic cone that rises 2,690ft (820m) above sea level at its highest point.
A boat ride across crystal blue water brings you to the volcanic cone and lava rock of Wizard Island.
Rising out of the Amazon rainforest, the striking 'El Cono', an extinct volcanic cone (pictured left), acts as the centrepiece of Sierra del Divisor, South America's newest National Park.
With a plan In place, the project team turned its attention to the site, which, according to Sonnenberg, had a lot going for it--Including long-range views of the Cascade Mountains and Pilot Butte, an extinct volcanic cone in the city, plus an existing Irrigation pond and landscaping, which provided a buffer between the building and an adjacent parking lot.
When it is windy, there is electricity supply to the entire island and when wind production exceeds demand, excess energy pumps water from a reservoir at the bottom of a volcanic cone to another reservoir at the top of the volcano.
Instead of a volcanic cone, a super-volcano eruption leaves a crater - called a caldera - that can be 100 kilometers in diameter.
While Pico's volcanic cone rises 2351 metres - Mount Pico is considered Portugal's highest peak.
Mt Teide, at 12,198ft, is the world's highest volcanic cone, while Cueva del Viento has 17 miles of caves.
Although the volcanic cone was considered secured, Ralph and his buddies climbed to the top with weapons in hand.