Volcanic mud

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fetid, sulphurous mud discharged by a volcano.

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Step 1: Beauty Trends Volcanic Mud Facial Cleanser, P23.50 (10 ml sachet).
Enriched with specific components - mineral salts, organic substances, microelements, volcanic mud has medicinal properties that have a beneficial effect on the human body.
We have long extolled the virtues and health benefits of our thermal springs and volcanic mud pools and at least one NZ yoga retreat has made it into Conde Nast's Top 10 but there is certainly an opportunity to do more than simply dabble.
Experts also warned that heavy rains in the area could provoke avalanches due to the large flows of volcanic mud, which had been hardened by the rainfall, causing a problem for the rescuers to get people out or figure out how many are still buried there.
Hilda Lopez said the volcanic mud swept into her village of San Miguel Los Lotes, just below the mountain's flanks.
Viewing them is likely enough for most, but you can also take the plunge into a volcanic mud bath, an experience that will apparently rejuvenate the skin.
The different types of masks it contains for effective results include the Volcanic Mud Facial Mask for Deep Cleaning of the facial tissues, Bio-Cellulose Anti-aging mask for lifting and toning of skin, anti-wrinkle non-woven mask for neck tightness, aloe-vera face mask for lifting and skin firmness.
Mayon's most violent eruption was in 1814, when more than 1,200 people were killed and a town was buried in volcanic mud. An eruption in 1993 killed 79 people.
The volcanic mud is said to possess therapeutic properties, so we were invited to smother ourselves in it, leaving it to quickly dry in the tropical sun (a better sun barrier than factor 50) before washing it off in the waterfalls.
An explosion of the 2,460-meter (8,070-foot) Mayon in August 2006 did not directly kill anyone but four months later, a typhoon unleashed an avalanche of volcanic mud from Mayon's slopes that claimed 1,000 lives.
An explosion in August 2006 did not directly cause deaths, but four months later a passing typhoon unleashed an avalanche of volcanic mud from Mayon's slopes that killed 1,000 people.
Flows of volcanic mud have been spotted on Agung's slopes, and Arculus warned more are possible since it's the rainy season.