Volary, Volery

 a flight or flock of birds—Johnson, 1755; the birds kept in an aviary, 1693.
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The characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership, in contrast, are those of an authentic, charismatic, and transformational leadership style (Leitch & Volery, 2017) that is conducive to the remission of work-to-family conflict and the facilitation of affective commitment, which will greatly reduce turnover intention and actual turnover.
This is partially influenced by firm size, age and experience (Mazzarol, Reboud, & Volery, 2010).
The constructs related to technical support were adapted from Volery and Lord (2000) and questions related to readiness for online learning were adapted from Musa and Othman (2012).
The collective name for a group of wagtails is a volery, and the volery we see outside Next in Wigan numbers about 5-600 in the cold months.
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In addition, lecturers who have positive and good skills in control of the technology when students have a technical problem are likely to experience more positive learning outcomes (Volery and Lord, 2000).
Among those mentioned, lack of financing has been estimated as outstanding (Robertson, Collins, Medeira, & Slater, 2003; Volery, Doss, Mazzarol, & Thein, 1997).
Several reasons warrant the examination of small and very small businesses, but there is a consensus around de idea that they are a central driver of economic growth and higher standards of living (Murmann and Sardana, 2013; Volery, Mueller, and von Siemens, 2013), its role is particularly strong in emerging economies such as the Ecuadorian case.
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