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 (vŏl′gə-grăd′, vōl′-, vəl-gə-grät′)
A city of southwest Russia on the Volga River northeast of Rostov. Founded in 1589 as a defensive stronghold named Tsaritsyn, it was renamed Stalingrad in 1925 and Volgograd in 1961. The city was besieged and severely damaged during a prolonged battle in World War II, with extensive casualties of both German and Soviet troops.


(Russian vəlɡaˈɡrat; English ˈvɒlɡəˌɡræd)
(Placename) a port in SW Russia, on the River Volga: scene of a major engagement (1918) during the civil war and again in World War II (1942–43), in which the German forces were defeated; major industrial centre. Pop: 1 016 000 (2005 est). Former names: Tsaritsyn (until 1925) or Stalingrad (1925–61)


(ˈvɒl gəˌgræd, ˈvoʊl-)

a city in the SW Russian Federation, on the Volga River: battles in World War II, 1942–1943. 999,000. Formerly, Stalingrad.
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Noun1.Volgograd - a city in the European part of Russia on the VolgaVolgograd - a city in the European part of Russia on the Volga; site of German defeat in World War II in the winter of 1942-43
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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He was one of only two learners picked to represent Henley College on a trip to Volgograd, Russia where he conducted a master class of British cuisine for Russian chefs in a restaurant in the heart of the city.
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VOLGOGRAD, Russia -- Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday made a pre-dawn visit to the city reeling from two suicide bombings this week, bringing gestures of sympathy for the victims and questions for the officials he has ordered to beef up security.
NEW YORK, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- The Security Council on Sunday "condemned in the strongest terms" the terrorist attack that occurred at the central train station of Volgograd, Russia, earlier today, causing numerous deaths and injuries.
VOLGOGRAD, Russia (TAP) - At least 14 people were killed Monday in a suspected suicide bombing on a trolleybus in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, a day after a similar deadly attack at the city's main train station, officials said.