Volley gun

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a gun with several barrels for firing a number of shots simultaneously; a kind of mitrailleuse.
- Massinger.

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The Mitrailleuse is a multi-barreled volley gun invented by Belgian Army Captain Fafschamps a decade before the advent of the Gatling gun.
On display is a seven-barrelled volley gun that could be as dangerous to the ship it was fired from as the enemy it was aimed at, an amputation knife, bone saw and bullet forceps used to treat the wounded on the surgeon's table.
The Nock Volley Gun (March) seems to be in the news lately, as "American Guns" built a new one on TV recently and one was featured in the NRA's monthly magazine.
Editor's note: In Garry's article, we furnished an incorrect website for The Rifle Shoppe, maker of the Nock Volley Gun.
But One shoulder-fired weapon of its type stands out among all the rest, the Nock Volley Gun.
Depending upon the size and type of ship, the tops could accommodate as many as 10 men and were often fitted with swivel guns and other larger pieces of ordnance, such as the Chambers Gun, a circa-1813 American variant of the volley gun that also had seven barrels and was--by means of a clever fusing setup--able to fire as many as 250 bullets from its magazines, Roman-candle style.
One champion of the Volley Gun was Colonel Thomas Thornton, who had at least two, including a 12-barreled version he used for roe deer and waterfowl.
Though the volley gun concept limped along--resurfacing most notably during the Civil War when the Yankees came up with the horizontal, 25-barreled Bill-inghurst Requa Battery and the Rebels the substantial 121-shot Vandenburg Volley Gun--with the advent of improved repeaters and machine guns, the concept finally died.
The firm's large catalog of gun kits has everything from matchlock to percussion and includes a large variety of unusual arms such as Brunswick rifles, Versailles carbines, flintlock grenade launchers and, yes, the Nock Volley Gun.
The Rifle Shoppe Nock Volley Gun is a handsome piece of hardware and well worth the wait.
As ships got close, there was quite a bit of musketry fire exchanged between Marines and sailors, so British gunmaker Henry Nock developed the Volley Gun.