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A city of western Russia north-northeast of Moscow. It was founded in the mid-12th century by merchants from Novgorod and passed to Moscow in 1478.


(Russian ˈvɔləɡdə)
(Placename) an industrial city in W central Russia. Pop: 295 000 (2005 est)


(ˈvɔ ləg də, ˈvoʊ-)

a city in the W Russian Federation, in Europe, NNE of Moscow. 278,000.
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At JSC Apatit, Alexander Beglov, together with the governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov, visited the ammonia production area No.
Vologda region became the first region where two operators united their spectrums within a large-scale project to jointly construct and utilize LTE networks in more than 30 regions in Russia.
According to the UIMC spokesman, the computer is part of the Vologda UAV control complex that can operate up to 10 UAVs from different manufacturers to collect aerial reconnaissance data and quickly transmit information to command centers or troops, the spokesman told RIA Novosti.
Summary: The Vologda Oblast is situated in the North European part of Russia
The board of Russian regional utility Khakasenergosbyt, active in the republic of Khakassia, has advised shareholders to accept the mandatory takeover bid of energy supplier Vologodskaya Sbytovaya Kompaniya (RTC:VOSB), which operates in the Vologda region.
The target is to build an up-to-date forest industry facility in the Vologda region of Northwest Russia.
Vyacheslav Pozgalyov, governor of the Vologda region, said investigators found the king had not fired a single shot on his trip to the area in August.
The Interfax news agency reported that Vyacheslav Pozgalyov, governor of the Vologda region, about 250 miles north-east of Moscow, had set up a working group to look into the August incident.
The incident got the country talking about homosexuality, and a first-ever lesbian union in Vologda in October added fuel to the debate.
Druian was born in Vologda, Russia, and grew up in Havana, where his family moved when he was an infant.
The group, representing the Saratov, Vologda, South Urals, Rostov and Novosibirsk regions of Russia, were also visiting London and Leeds to meet their opposite numbers, discuss linkups and share best practice ideas.
May 18 [May 29, New Style], 1787, Vologda, Russia--d.