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(ˈvɒl stɛd, ˈvoʊl-)

Andrew Joseph, 1860–1946, U.S. legislator.
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In 1933, upon repeal of the Volstead Act prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages, Club Arcada restaurant and show room opened on the second floor of the building.
They were Arthur Capper, who served as governor of Kansas from 1915 to 1919 and then as a senator from 1919 to 1949, and Andrew Volstead, a congressman from Minnesota who had recently become chair of the House Judiciary Committee.
98 YEARS AGO (1919) The US Congress passed the Volstead Act, paving the way for Prohibition in January, with a ban on producing and selling intoxicating liquor.
Other than stimulating the growth of organized crime and NASCAR racing, the Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead Act did not produce a lasting impact on American history.
Previous histories of the war between liquor smugglers and the Dry Navy during the Volstead Era (1920-33) have relied on anecdotes and personal recollections, says Funderburg, but her account is drawn from legal records, scholarly sources, newspaper archives, and the US Coast Guard files at the National Archives and Records Administration.
The product portfolio includes several pioneering brands including the grain to glass Westward Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, Krogstad Aquavit, and Volstead Vodka.
On Valentine's Day 1920, less than a month after Prohibition began, a raid to enforce the Volstead Act ignited a firestorm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
The company's Volstead Vodka is a version of its well-regarded Aviation Gin, without the botanicals, and takes its name from the Congressman instrumental in enacting Prohibition.
The Bronfman family expanded their liquor business by supplying the US market after the Volstead Act shut down the (legal) industry there.
Ignacio Alvarado Alvarez rescata algunas anecdotas de la ciudad del whiskey, por ejemplo, a la que alguna vez llego Al Capone durante la ley Volstead, dado que en esta ciudad, por su clima seco, era propicia para elaborar el "Juarez Whiskey Straight American" que aun se sirve en el Kentucky Bar, donde se han sentado en la barra personalidades como Monroe, Wayne y Morrison.
Remarks by Representative Volstead and Senator Hitchcock indicate
Officially it was the Eighteenth Amendment, or the Volstead Act.