Volt ampere

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1.(Elec.) A unit of electric measurement equal to the product of a volt and an ampere. For direct current it is a measure of power and is the same as a watt; for alternating current it is a measure of apparent power.
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The policy paper said the financing will be available for the new imported and local plant and machinery and the purchase of new generators of up to 500 kilo volt ampere (kVA) with a subsidised rate of 6pc for 10 years.
The SGen5-2000H hydrogen-cooled, two-pole generator comes with ratings from 350 to 600 mega volt ampere (MVA).
The four new MV7-5L Ultimate Waveform high-power converters are used as static var compensators , helping Andritz Hydros turbine to connect to the grid and providing reactive power control up to 10 MVAr (mega volt ampere reactive) under 3 kilovolts.
The company will establish 12 transformer stations with a capacity of 175 Mega Volt Ampere.