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Adj.1.Voltarian - in the manner of Voltaire
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Civil libertarian principles guide us here, using what has been called the Voltarian principle: 'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.'
It's a dangerous mission that puts him into conflict with the ruthless Voltarian Lombar Hisst, who has plans of his own for the planet.
In making his case, Garegnani 'enlist[s the help of] a Voltarian Candide and ...
Now, given the history of France from 1789 to 1831, this phrase probably points to a denial of the monarchical principle in favor of the republican; of an acceptance of popular political sovereignty; and of a refusal to invest the state with a semi-divine status (e.g., the Voltarian critical spirit).
It was with deep sorrow that the nation heralded the news of Stonebwoy's mothers demise, ever since the news broke out, the BET award winner had received kind words from many, including MTV base Africa and fellow voltarian star Edem.
However, it said the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) had decided to organise what it called 'a relief town hall meeting and projects exhibition,' using the former President Mahama-led NDC government's buffer stock projects to quench the development hunger of Voltarians.
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