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(Italian volˈturno)
(Placename) a river in S central Italy, flowing southeast and southwest to the Tyrrhenian Sea: scene of a battle (1860) during the wars for Italian unity, in which Garibaldi defeated the Neapolitans; German line of defence during World War II. Length: 175 km (109 miles)


(voʊlˈtʊər noʊ, vɒl-)

a river in S central Italy, flowing from the Apennines into the Tyrrhenian Sea. 110 mi. (175 km) long.
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The small town, found on the left of the Volturno River, is known to have come about in the XI-XII centuries.
Our first bridge in Italy was constructed on October 17, 1943, across the Volturno River.
By then they had fought at Madagascar, Dieppe, North Africa, Pentelleria, Sicily, Salerno, the Volturno River, Anzio, D-Day, Elba, Walcheren and Commachio.