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The killing of a person without malice aforethought but with either the intention to commit an unlawful act that leads to an unintended death, or with an otherwise murderous intent that is extenuated by some partial defense, such as acting under the influence of an extreme emotional disturbance occasioned by a substantial provocation on the part of the victim.


1. (Law) law the unlawful killing of one human being by another without malice aforethought. Compare murder See also homicide, malice aforethought
2. (loosely) the killing of a human being


(ˈmænˌslɔ tər)

the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought.
homicide, murder, manslaughter - The general term for the killing of a person by another is homicide; murder is either the intentional killing or the malicious killing of another, while manslaughter is the unintentional, accidental killing of another through carelessness.
See also related terms for slaughter.
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Noun1.manslaughter - homicide without malice aforethoughtmanslaughter - homicide without malice aforethought
homicide - the killing of a human being by another human being
chance-medley - an unpremeditated killing of a human being in self defense
قَتْل غَيْر مُتَعَمَّد
adam öldürme


[ˈmænˌslɔːtəʳ] Nhomicidio m involuntario


[ˈmænslɔːtər] nhomicide m involontaire
to be guilty of manslaughter → être coupable d'homicide involontaire


[ˈmænˌslɔːtəʳ] nomicidio colposo


(mӕn) plural men (men) noun
1. an adult male human being. Hundreds of men, women and children; a four-man team.
2. human beings taken as a whole; the human race. the development of man.
3. obviously masculine male person. He's independent, tough, strong, brave – a real man!
4. a word sometimes used in speaking informally or giving commands to someone. Get on with your work, man, and stop complaining!
5. an ordinary soldier, who is not an officer. officers and men.
6. a piece used in playing chess or draughts. I took three of his men in one move.
verbpast tense, past participle manned
to supply with men (especially soldiers). The colonel manned the guns with soldiers from our regiment.
-man (-mən) , (-mӕn) a person (formerly usually used for either sex; currently, often replaced by -person when the person referred to can be of either sex) who performs a particular activity, as in postman, *milkman, *chairman
ˈmanhood noun
1. (of a male) the state of being adult, physically (and mentally) mature etc. He died before he reached manhood.
2. manly qualities. He took her refusal to marry him as an insult to his manhood.
manˈkind noun
the human race as a whole. He worked for the benefit of all mankind.
ˈmanly adjective
having the qualities thought desirable in a man, ie strength, determination, courage etc. He is strong and manly.
ˈmanliness noun
manned adjective
supplied with men. a manned spacecraft.
ˈman-eating adjective
which will eat people. a man-eating tiger.
ˈman-eater noun
manˈhandle verb
1. to move, carry etc by hand. When the crane broke down, they had to manhandle the crates on to the boat.
2. to treat roughly. You'll break all the china if you manhandle it like that!
ˈmanhole noun
a hole (usually in the middle of a road or pavement) through which someone may go to inspect sewers etc.
ˌman-ˈmade adjective
made, happening or formed by man, not by natural means. a man-made lake.
ˈmanpower noun
the number of people available for employment etc. There's a shortage of manpower in the building industry.
ˈmanservantplural ˈmenservants noun
a male servant (especially one employed as a valet). He has only one manservant.
ˈmansize(d) adjective
of a size suitable for a man; large. a mansized breakfast.
ˈmanslaughter noun
the crime of killing someone, without intending to do so. He was found guilty of manslaughter.
ˈmenfolk noun plural
male people, especially male relatives. The wives accompanied their menfolk.
ˈmenswear (ˈmenz-) noun
clothing for men. Do you sell menswear?
as one man
simultaneously; together. They rose as one man to applaud his speech.
the man in the street
the ordinary, typical, average man. The man in the street often has little interest in politics.
man of letters
a writer and/or scholar. Shakespeare was perhaps Britain's greatest man of letters.
man of the world
a sophisticated man who is not likely to be shocked or surprised by most things. You can speak freely – we're all men of the world.
man to man as one man to another; openly or frankly: They talked man to man about their problems; adjective (etc)
a man-to-man discussion.
to a man
every one, without exception. They voted to a man to accept the proposal.


n. homicidio sin premeditación.
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He argued that the jury should have been permitted to consider whether the killings arose from "sudden passion," possibly allowing jurors to convict him of the lesser-included offense of voluntary manslaughter.
Therefore, the circuit court erred when it instructed the jury on voluntary manslaughter.
He argued that Connell should be tried for seconddegree murder or voluntary manslaughter.
An understanding of the issue would have led to a conviction of voluntary manslaughter, it was said.
The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) said Sunday it is considering a law amendment that would allow charges of voluntary manslaughter in drunk driving cases that result in death, following two road fatalities the previous day.
Noting that excluded portions of a victim's criminal record did not establish violent behavior and were cumulative of additional evidence, the court rejected claims by a defendant convicted of voluntary manslaughter that the exclusions would have supported his argument that he killed the victim in self-defense.
20 to one count of voluntary manslaughter for the hit-and-run killing of 55-year-old Terry Carter.
The plea deal calls for Knight to serve 22 years in prison on the voluntary manslaughter count, and another six years because it is a third strike violation.
LOS ANGELES -- Averting a murder trial that had been nearly four years in coming, former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight pleaded no contest Thursday to voluntary manslaughter for running over and killing a Compton businessman and agreed to serve nearly 30 years in prison.
A 24-year-old man from Bumthang has been sentenced 10 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter of a 22-year-old man by the Thimphu District Court.
Conway, who was convicted in 1993 of voluntary manslaughter, is at the center of a situation Texas has never seen before.
"The accused denies voluntary manslaughter, but admits violating the law about indecent handling of a corpse," his lawyer Betina Hald Engmark said in court.

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