Voluntary waste

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(Law) See Waste, n., 4.

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Crayford what was passing in Clara's mind, and warned her that the attempt to reason and remonstrate would be little better than a voluntary waste of words and time.
But there is only so much voluntary waste reduction initiatives can do.
national campaigns; voluntary waste reduction agreements; support to local authorities, resource management businesses and the third sector; capital investment; and research, training and identifying best practice.
"Voluntary waste reduction targets are unlikely to tackle this problem effectively.
Their detailed analysis of the subject, which provides a general historical overview, a discussion of the seminal voluntary waste cases, Melms v.
MEPs believe the approach using integrated product policy, the IPPC Directive, support measures such as EMAS, voluntary waste prevention programmes at local or sectoral level, together with advice and information campaigns, in particular for small businesses, could hold out a more promising prospect of success.
The job was for a voluntary waste disposal officer at Lamu District Council, a council on a remote island off the East Coast of Africa.
Incentive-based recognition programs for voluntary waste reduction, including the CLEAN INDUSTRIES 2000 and CLEAN TEXAS STAR programs are also offered to encourage waste reduction.
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