Volunteer navy

Vol`un`teer´ na´vy

1.A navy of vessels fitted out and manned by volunteers who sail under the flag of the regular navy and subject to naval discipline. Prussia in 1870, in the Franco-German war, organized such a navy, which was commanded by merchant seamen with temporary commissions, with the claim (in which England acquiesced) that it did not come within the meaning of the term privateer.
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It could take weeks to bring the team to safety, and the death of a volunteer navy diver yesterday underscored the risks.
The rocky outcrop - deserted apart from a few shacks and a single, rarely- used toilet - was annexed on Sunday by 73-year-old Raspail leading a seven- strong force of "volunteer Navy fusiliers".
Peter and Anne Mourant succeeded where King Harold failed by dispatching a force of seven Gallic "volunteer Navy fuseliers" after they had tried to annexe the tiny island of Minquiers, south of Jersey.
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