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n. pl. vom·i·to·ri·a (-tôr′ē-ə)
a. One of the tunnellike passages of a theater, stadium, or amphitheater connecting the banks of seats with an outside wall or passageway.
b. A tunnellike passage extending to a theater stage, especially a thrust stage or the stage of an arena theater, allowing actors to enter and exit. In both subsenses also called vomitory.
2. A place for vomiting, sometimes mistakenly said to be an invention of the ancient Romans for use during banquets.

[Latin vomitōrium, entrance to an amphitheater, from neuter singular of Latin vomitōrius, of spewing forth, emetic, vomitory (a vomitorium being so called because the spectators spewed forth from its opening); see vomitory.]
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next the wall, and four convenient openings or vomitoria, with light doors with two wings, which shut of themselves without noise, forming so many passages of communication between the lower part of the theatre or pit, and the arched gallery or passage without.