Vortex filament

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Vor´tex fil´a`ment

1.A vortex tube of infinitesimal cross section.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Thomson, mentor to Ernest Rutherford, still wrote to Lodge that he saw a "close connection between electricity and vortex motion" and further stated, "I have always pictured a line of electric force as a vortex filament" (Kragh 2002)
In fluid mechanics, Helmholtz's theorems describe the three dimensional motions of fluids around vortex filaments in inviscid flows.
which is a soliton equation used to model the dynamics of a thin vortex filament in an incompressible, inviscid, homogeneous, 3-dimensional fluid [1-3].
Observe that if F = [kappa], (40) and (41) are precisely Da Rios equations for the vortex filament [2].
Even though [X.sub.1]=[X.sub.2]=[X.sub.3]=0 is a trivial solution of a fixed point, it is unacceptable due to being a point of singularity for the inviscid vortex filament (velocities shoot up near the axis of an inviscid vortex).
Consider a system of three inviscid and fixed vortex filaments having strengths [[GAMMA].sub.i], i = 1,2,3 and axes parallel to the coordinate directions [x.sub.1], [x.sub.2] and [x.sub.3] respectively, as shown in Fig.
A vortex filament was then displayed as a scatter plot.
Structured vortex filament formation has been found to be a characteristic behavior in rotating superfluids (Lounasmaa, Thuneberg 1999) (Ancilotto 2014).
Mechanical waves traveling along these vortex filament lines will result in torque stresses in the fluid which will alter the density and rotation profile of these vortex filaments which might otherwise be called "lines of force".
Individual vortex filaments having length l and mass carriers in the number of [z.sub.g] = l/[r.sub.e] are spinning about the longitudinal axis along an indefinite radius.