Vortex line

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1.A line, within a rotating fluid, whose tangent at every point is the instantaneous axis of rotation as that point of the fluid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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According to Biot-Savart Law, the induced velocity of a specific point by a microsegment in vortex line can be acquired by circulation.
The Razor HD is the top of the Vortex line. He sent both the angled spotting version and the straight.
Within the vortex core region, the jet flow was no longer irrotational and the angular velocity became nonzero roughly in the direction parallel to the vortex line. One can predict that it was due to the creation of pressure gradients in the ambient air which forced the jet flow to momentarily curve around the axis.
Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, by Hasbro, RRP pounds 44.99 The first fully automatic, clip fed disc blaster in the Nerf Vortex line, Featuring a removable clip that can hold up to 20 discs, an Electronic Targeting Scope accessory, a front handle to help steady your shots, and the Tactical Rail System compatible with most Vortex and Nerf N-Strike Mission Kit accessories.
Vortex Nano, $249.99 Latest addition to the Vortex line is offered at select Target stores nationwide and at Brookstone.
"We have two niches for the Vortex line. One niche we fill with the Razor, a great binocular that retails for less than 750 dollars.
* The Vortex line of patent-pending dual-flow lube filters produced by Baldwin Filters, Kearney, NE, will soon be used as replacements for the Fleetguard Venturi filter line in Cummins ISM, IXS and Series 600 engines.
Another newcomer to plastics is Nordlab Systems, Inc., Thomasville, N.C., The company showed its Vortex line of grinders, which were originally used in the wood industry.
* A new supplier of injection machines, AmeriPlas Machinery Corp., Chesterland, Ohio, is introducing the Vortex line of vertical insert molders, which have a QMC option and toggle clamps that require no lubrication.
For three-dimensional objects (sphere or cone) the vortex lines need to intersect the surface perpendicularly in order to cancel the outward supercurrent component [9-12].
Among their topics are vortex lines in three-dimensional magnetic nanodots by Langevin simulation, magnetic properties of nanostructures in non-integer dimensions, magnetic anisotropy and magnetization reversal in self-organizing two-dimensional nanomagnets, magnetoferritin nanoparticles as a promising building block for three-dimensional magnonic crystals, and physical properties of two-dimensional crossover solids from an electro-elastic description.