voting machine

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vot·ing machine

An apparatus for use in polling places that mechanically records and counts votes.

voting machine

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (esp in the US) a machine at a polling station that voters operate to register their votes and that mechanically or electronically counts all votes cast

vot′ing machine`

a mechanical or electronic apparatus used in a polling place to register and count the votes.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: machine - a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanicallyvoting machine - a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanically
mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
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The embassy and the consulate were supplied with necessary voting equipment, especially the INEC card reader, he added.
Contract notice: Print, Assembly and routing of voting equipment for the 2018 maa professional elections
In the last several years, he's done well with voter registration, educating the public on the modernization of voting equipment, early voting accommodations and the "Votemobile.
Most voting equipment around the country was bought at about the same time with federal funds from the Help America Vote Act of 2002, and it is aging at the same rate.
government often sells decommissioned voting equipment.
With only two months left before Election Day, Smartmatic, the UK-based voting equipment supplier of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), has told the Comelec that it would need more than two months to make the upgrades and adjustments needed to print the voter receipts ordered by the Supreme Court.
Attendees will use interactive voting equipment to give their feedback on the issues raised at the Aloft Liverpool hotel, on North John Street, between 12.
Those who attended used interactive voting equipment to give their feedback on the issues raised at The Studio in Cannon Street.
The city had set aside $350,000 in its capital budget for the purchase of the new voting equipment, but the eventual winning bid came in at roughly $72,000 less, at $277,320.
The sides discussed the experience of Mongolia in conduct of elections with use of voting equipment processing biometric data of citizens.
Election officials emerging from hours of talks in the capital Conakry blamed a lack of necessary voting equipment on the postponement and said it could take up to two weeks for arrangements to be in place.
formerly Diebold Election Systems, that would have provided the county with electronic voting equipment and a new central vote tabulation system.