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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: system - a legal system for making democratic choices
legal system - a system for interpreting and enforcing the laws
scrutin uninomial system, scrutin uninominal voting system, single-member system, uninominal system, uninominal voting system - based on the principle of having only one member (as of a legislature) selected from each electoral district
list system, scrutin de liste, scrutin de liste system - based on the principle of proportional representation; voters choose between party lists, the number elected from each list being determined by the percentage cast for each list out of the total vote
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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In moving from their current paper-based voting method to electronic voting, Matagorda County will gain faster results and the ability to use Vote Centers, among numerous other benefits.
Summary: Ministers exchanged accusations over the controversial waste management file Friday as the Kataeb Party released its proposed amendments to the bill and the environment minister hinted at a possible shift in the Cabinet voting method in order to resolve the crisis.
Participating parties in the dialogue have pledged attachment to the party-list proportional representation with the greatest remainders and the principle of cooptation for candidacies as a voting method in the next elections, Riahi said, adding that the methods of applying this rule will be discussed in a plenary session by the National Constituent Assembly (NCA).
The show launched the new voting method at the weekend for the first live heat of the series but "congestion" led to problems.
This voting method is used by many pseudo-democracies across the world, including Burma.
Peers spoke through the night on Monday in the debate over Con-Dem plans to hold a referendum on changing the voting method in Westminster elections to the "alternative vote" system.
In developing their own Internet voting approach Council designated principles to which an alternative voting method was expected to adhere, these included the integrity of the electoral system, increasing voter choice by incorporating additional voting methods, potentially increasing voter turnout, improving cost effectiveness, and improving the speed of tabulation and the reporting of results.
The abuse of this unique voting method, adopted as part of upper house reform, disgraces the honor of the "chamber of wisdom.
As far as decision making process in the Council is concerned, a new voting method is introduced -- double majority voting.
Over 140,000 ballot papers were rejected in the election after officials made the fateful decision to change the voting method and hold two ballots on the same day.
The Gambia's Independent Electoral Commission has placed great faith in the marble voting method as a fair and effective means of expanding suffrage to the illiterate.
On December 15, 2005, Iraq held its second ever election, with Iraq's eighteen provinces electing 275 members of parliament using a proportional voting method.