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a.1.Of or pertaining to Vulcan; made by Vulcan; Vulcanian.
2.Of or pertaining to volcanoes; specifically, relating to the geological theory of the Vulcanists, or Plutonists.
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Bissett in his Magnificent Guide to Birmingham: Close by yon Lake's pellucid stream, behold A Gothic Pile, which seems some cent'ries old, Vulcanic fancy there display'd her taste, And rear'd the fabric on the barren waste; The Forge materials for the work provides, Rude cinders clothe the frontcompose the sides.
Earthquakes, land slides, vulcanic eruptions and flooding are posing a considerable threat to the population in Indonesia.
Vulcanic: As an expert in heating and temperature control solutions for industry, Vulcanic will be presenting its innovative product ranges for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors at Adipec 2012.