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n.1.A volcano.
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Other contenders who have stepped forward to meet Rusev's challenge are "Pitch Perfect" star Skylar Astin, "Saved By The Bell" actor Mario Lopez, comedian Sal Vulcano and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" actor Charlie Day.
a targeting system for the DART highly maneuverable projectile), the VULCANO ammunition capability and, in all cases, the Multi Feeding (MF) device for automatic handling of the ammunitions.
The upgraded variants are offered in the following colors: Nero Vulcano, Rosso Matt, Monte Bianco and Verde Speranza (new) for the GTS 150 cc; and Monte Bianco, Grigio Titanio, Verde Speranza (new) and Giallo Gelosia (new) for the GTS 300 cc.
The GTS Superis available in four colours: Nero Vulcano, Rosso Matt, Monte Bianco, Verde Speranza (new colour) on the GTS125 and 150; and four colours: Monte Bianco, GrigioTitanio, Verde Speranza (new colour), GialloGelosia (new color) on the GTS 300.
One of the youngest Michelin-starred chefs in Europe, Chef Biuso is the executive chef at II Cappero restaurant on the island of Vulcano in Sicily, where he was born and raised -- so he knows a thing or two about Sicilian cuisine and in recent days has been travelling around the globe promoting the country.
Bespoke Italian company Icona is displaying its one-off Vulcano Titanium - a supercar with a curvaceous body crafted from the aforementioned metal.
Italian automaker Icona, which will unveil the world's first handmade titanium supercar - the Vulcano Titanium, which is inspired by and made with the same materials as the world's fastest aeroplane - the Blackbird SR-71.
It spawned The Tenderloins although the year it was rid of Joseph Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn and Salvatore Vulcano might be recorded as a golden one.
The Tenderloins are a New York-based comedy troupe, whose four members - Joe Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano - are the creators, executive producers, and stars of truTV's hit series, Impractical Jokers.
The two companies anticipate offering new adaptations of Leonardo's Vulcano -- a family of gun-launched munitions that exceed the performance of currently available precision-guided projectiles -- in a variety of gun systems, including the BAE Systems-built Advanced Gun System (AGS) and the Mk 45 naval gun.
Made up of Joe Gatto, Brian "Q" Quinn, James "Murr" Murray and Sal Vulcano, the four American performers will be looking to make the crowd burst into fits of laughter with their improv and sketch comedy.
For instance, the surreal-Pop Vulcano Table, 2014, is a desklike sculpture with Ferrari-red pieces of blown glass bursting forth as if erupting from its metal surface.