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1. vulgar.
2. vulgarly.
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grjaz--n--ukh--a dirty--ADJ--MASC.NOM.SG dirty--ADJ--EVAL--NOM.SG 'dirty' (MASC/FEM; CLASS II) 'dirty person (vulg)' (6) VERB ?
allows the Vulg. to obviate the issue entirely with "In
The authors have also included within their lists the designations (vulg.) for vulgar words/expressions and (ram.) for terms used in familiar contexts, that is, amongst friends or in informal situations.
14) is the seventh, final, and therefore perfect beatitude (Vulg. Beati; Gk.
He was bustling ab out finalising a meeting that could see the Berlin and Liverpool Rotaries twinned,another link in the chain.Let's hope no wild-eyedBritish xeno-phobe will be vulg ar enough to trash the euro at that little shindig.
xxviii) [Sirach 28.28 (Vulg.)]." The book was printed at Cologne circa 1473, at Basel circa 1484, at Nuremberg in 1485, at Venice in 1586, and at Antwerp in 1614.
Nidra (or Ekanamsa) and the Birth of Krsna (HV 47-48; vulg. 2.2-4)
Public awareness of the opposition between 'standard' and 'non-standard' in the French lexicon is particularly strong: changing fashions in colloquial vocabulary (conventionally labelled fam., pop., vulg., arg.
The defining word is the poem's title, because in the poet's copious endnotes, where he traces the many routes and definitions of the term Roxy, we can read...a diminutive for Roxanne, vulva (vulg., cf.