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(Russian ˈvjatkə)
(Placename) the former name (1780–1934) of Kirov1


(ˈkɪər ɔf, -ɒf)

a city in the E Russian Federation in Europe, N of Kazan. 421,000. Formerly, Vyatka.
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Russian businessman Grigory Guselnikov and his family have acquired direct control over Russia-based Vyatka Bank.
A long-time acquaintance of Navalny's, Ofitserov ran the Vyatka Timber Company and was accused of willingly buying KirovLes timber at below-market prices, thus taking part in the alleged embezzlement scheme.
System Operator finished the capacity auction for 2013 (KOM 2013) setting the prices for free capacity flow zones of Center, Urals, Volga, Vyatka and Siberia at R127.
of California-Los Angeles) presents the first publication of a collection of letters written between 1881 and 1896 mostly by members of a single peasant family in several villages in what was then Vyatka Province west of the Ural mountains.
Born in a petty bourgeois family of merchants in 1890 in Vyatka province, Molotov began his revolutionary career in the summer of 1905 in Kazan among student groups--a life choice that brought with it periods of exile and imprisonment.
During his exile in Vyatka in 1834, he condemned the misgovernment of Siberia and wrote of the need to develop the region with "American rapidity" so that "the mouths of the Amur are opened for navigation and America meets Siberia near China" (8: 256).
Supplementary information is presented on novel and improved devices suitable for connecting roundwood, investigated at Vyatka State Technical University in Kirov, Russia, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia.
As a result of the sympathy he expressed for French utopian socialists in his story Zaputannoye delo (1848; "A Complicated Affair"), he was exiled to Vyatka (now Kirov), where he worked in the provincial governor's office.
Born at Chihryn, Ukraine (1627); was a Cossack warrior from his youth; promoted to colonel by Hetman Bogdan Chmielnicki; his appointment as adjutant of the Ukrainian Cossacks (1663) led to his election as hetman (1665); attempted to create an independent Cossack state in the Ukraine by making an alliance with the Turks and accepting Turkish sovereignty (1668); led the Cossacks in war against Poland alongside his Turkish allies (1671) and with them waged a successful campaign (summer 1672); the unpopularity of the Turkish alliance led to his ouster as hetman (1676), and he was imprisoned in Moscow; military governor of Vyatka (1679-1682); died in 1698.
The radical tone of one of Saltykov's early short novels, Zaputannoye delo ( A Complicated Affair, 1848), attracted the attention of the Tsarist censor, and Saltykov was exiled to Vyatka in eastern Russia.
Kazan tier sediments are out of the Tatar arch lifted areas, the margins of Tokmovsky and Zhigulevsko-Pugachevsky vaults, the central and southern parts of Vyatka dislocation zone [13].