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(Russian ˈvjatkə)
(Placename) the former name (1780–1934) of Kirov1


(ˈkɪər ɔf, -ɒf)

a city in the E Russian Federation in Europe, N of Kazan. 421,000. Formerly, Vyatka.
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Okunevskoye booster pump station and oil pipeline to Vyatka oil treatment unit of PAO Belkamneft were put into operation which allowed to avoid expensive oil transportation services and to perform additional well interventions.
[1]-Department of Physical Education, faculty of Physical Culture and Sports, the Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia.
He was one of Alapaevsk martyrs and shortly before his death, when imprisoned in Vyatka, wrote the poem Silent Night Is Creepy.
Apart from Calvey, five others were detained over fraud charges -- three Baring Vostok employees, Alexey Kordichev, chairman of the board of directors of Vyatka Bank and Maxim Vladimirov, general director of Perviy Collector Bureau, a debt collection firm, according to Russia's state-run RIA Novosti news agency.
The region where Afanasiev's version was recorded is unknown; those in Smirnov's collection are from the former Vyatka, Kazan, Ryazan, and Omsk regions; Semevsky's, as mentioned above, came from the area surrounding Pskov; finally, I personally recorded an analogous tale in 1927 in eastern Siberia (the village of Tunka).
2 -- Many rivers cross Tatarstan, but the major ones include Volga, Kama, Belaya, Ik, and Vyatka. General view shows the Kazan Kremlin in Kazan, Russia, July 11, 2015.
During a recent expedition to a region near the town of Kotelnich in Russia, researchers from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, United States, and the Vyatka Paleontological Museum found the prehistoric fossils.
Russian businessman Grigory Guselnikov and his family have acquired direct control over Russia-based Vyatka Bank.
La encuesta fue efectuada en 15 ciudades pertenecientes a distritos federales de Rusia representativos: Volgogrado, Vyatka, Ekaterimburgo, Kazan, Krasnodar, Moscu, Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Piatigorsk, Rostov del Don, St.
The maximum amount of setoff makes 13.5 km for Sviyaga river within the territory of the Tatarstan Republic, 8.5 km for Vyatka river, 8.0 km for Ik river and 7.0 km for Zaia river.
A long-time acquaintance of Navalny's, Ofitserov ran the Vyatka Timber Company and was accused of willingly buying KirovLes timber at below-market prices, thus taking part in the alleged embezzlement scheme.