n.1.(Coopering) A kind of clamp with gimlet points for holding a barrel head while the staves are being closed around it.
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Michelle Vyce, 45, from Newport Road in Rumney, Cardiff, admitted assault by beating.
24, which reads: "History sheet of Herr Leopold Weiss alias Mohmmad Asad Ullah Vyce.
19) And as for the batayll betwene Vyce & Vertew holde, So pleynly appereth to the inwardly, To make exposicion therof, new or olde, Were but superfluyte-therfore refuse hit I.
These were the capyteyns that Vyce cowde fynde Best, to set hys felde and folow on the chase.
CUTLINE: (1) Vyce Tetteh, 5, a kindergartner at the Worcester Arts Magnet School, bounces a ball on a racket during a tennis clinic at the DCU Center yesterday.
An earlier translation of Seneca's Oedipus by Alexander Nevyle (1563) is even more precise about the expectations of tragedy: "Mine only entent [in translating Seneca's tragedies] was to exhorte men to embrace Vertue and shun Vyce [ .
FitzWimarc took the lead against the run of play when Tim Vyce netted a fantastic individual goal to give them a 1-0 half-time lead.
I even toyed with the notion of changing it to Vice, but Rachel Vice sounds like a porn star, and then I considered Vyce - which my agent said looked like a car number plate.
A rather sanctimonious young Henry VIII announced that hunting was a means to avoid 'Idlenes the ground of all vyce and to exercise that thing that shalbe honorable and to the bodye healthfull and profitable.
In support were Peter Swift 21-8, Darryll Vyce 21-11 and Paul Challen 21-11.
II 'Saying ther ys no dyfference betwyx vyce and vertue but strong opynyon', but then again.
This man before ye deth of his fader applyed hym vnto all vyce and Insolency [vertical bar] and drewe vnto hym all Ryottours & wylde dysposed psones [vertical bar] But after he was admytted to the Rule of the lande [vertical bar] Anone & sodaynly he became a newe man [vertical bar] and tourned al that Rage and wyldnes into sobernesse [vertical bar] & wyse sadnesse [vertical bar] And the vyce into constant vertue.