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Adj.1.W-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter W
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The W-shaped building with red corrugated iron roof stands distinct in its green background.
"DIB is headed for a W-shaped recovery and may recover to hit its previous high of Dh5.90 in the medium term," Shiv Prakash, senior analyst with First Abu Dhabi Bank Securities said in a note.
The revellin (built after the British Occupation) had been heavily damaged in 1945 and remains of its small 17th century W-shaped predecessor were discovered during the restoration.
The pool was praised by the writers of the Architectural Review, who in 1967 wrote: "The W-shaped roof is like a great garden-pavilion roof afloat above glass walls" and the view "out into and over the city landscape -- the cathedrals new and old, to the south-west, the new College of Technology buildings and trees to southward and the red tile roofs and traffic of Coventry to the south-east."
Elsewhere In the ground effects of V- and W-shaped UAVs were studied by using the experimental method [17].
Decorated with a W-shaped patch of leather stitched on the top of the toe with fine broguing throughout.
An incision was made along the W-shaped line crossing the midline, and we discontinuously undermined the skin flap just above the fascia of the rectus abdominis.
In order to determine the effect of graphite contents on the thermal performance of different pipe configurations (as shown in Figure 9), U-shaped, double U-shaped, and W-shaped pipe configurations were evaluated under the summer working condition (40[degrees]C environmental temperature).
The butterfly's underwings are brown, with a white W-shaped streak, an orange edge and small tails.
Six feet tall and under three inches wide and thick, these works were each made from two strips of polished aluminum that had been joined together at angles to form a V- or W-shaped groove and then "framed" by strips of painted wood.