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A story told to me by President George W. Bush bears repeating.
George W. Bush was also the target of substantial impeachment campaigns throughout his second term, largely from demonstrators who disagreed with the war in Iraq.
"I'm retired from politics - happily so, I might add - but not from public service," former President George W. Bush said Thursday at the dedication of the Bush Presidential Center.
When George W. Bush first touched and took possession of this work of art--bearing the solid gold serial number "GWB-USA-1"--the value immediately increased to around $50,000.
George W. Bush's administration, too, was poisoned at the outset -- by 9/11.
And the now 62-year-old dares throw a house brick through the Oval Office window while George W. Bush is in residence.
Biopic of US President George W. Bush (Brolin), charting his rise from boozy college kid to the man in charge of the most powerful country in the world.
As the 2004 election draws nearer and George W. Bush's poll numbers grow shakier, White House operatives are devoting themselves to coddling the religious right.
It's not their lives at risk when their friend George W. Bush decides to go to war.