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Noun1.W. Somerset Maugham - English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)W. Somerset Maugham - English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)
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Other topics include Elizabeth Bishop's memoir of Huxley and some Indians in Brazil; Huxley, Blok, and Berdyaev on the nature of the Russian Revolution; Point Counter Point as an experiment; the case for teaching W. Somerset Maugham and Aldous Huxley in the undergraduate classroom; and Huxley as a political theologian.
One of my favorite authors is W. Somerset Maugham. He is famous for his unique talent for exposing and exploring the bitter realities of human relationships in tales of love, infidelity, passion and prejudice.
W. Somerset Maugham isn't exactly neglected - the last feature film based on one of his novels was The Painted Veil released in 2006 - but you are not likely to come across his masterpiece Of Human Bondage on an English Lit syllabus.
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM How to decipher the photograph: beauties in swimsuits in the midst of carnage the carnal world is impotent to end chase the crown of Miss Sarajevo.
Based on the 1972 stage adaptation by W. Somerset Maugham of one of his stories (which in turn became a classic Bette Davis movie in 1940), Teachout and Moravec's "opera noire" receives its premiere July 25-Aug 18 at Santa Fe Opera in a production directed by Jonathan Kent.
Anniversary celebrations continue in 2008 with a production of "The Constant Wife" by W. Somerset Maugham, a 1920s comedy in which the playwright takes an ironic, yet sympathetic view of marriage and the rights of women as they appeared in the years between the two World Wars.
ANSWERS: 1 The Isle of Wight; 2 Nantucket; 3 W. Somerset Maugham; 4 Mud; 5 Eleven months; 6 Dot Cotton; 7 Marseille; 8 Baize; 9 The Bill; 10 Casino Royale.
"The Painted Veil" may have had an arduous road to the bigscreen, and its kudos prospects are still shaping up, but the film has gotten a key endorsement--from the estate of W. Somerset Maugham, on whose book the pic was based.
There is a curious history to the attempts to write a biography of W. Somerset Maugham. During his life Maugham, always a shy and private man, discouraged aspiring biographers, and in his final years he burned his private papers and publicly entreated his friends to destroy any letters he had written them.