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Noun1.W.C. - a toilet in BritainW.C. - a toilet in Britain      
john, lav, lavatory, privy, toilet, bathroom, can - a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
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W.C. Morrow, who used to live in San Jose, California, was addicted to writing ghost stories which made the reader feel as if a stream of lizards, fresh from the ice, were streaking it up his back and hiding in his hair.
Upon completion, WC Weil will continue to operate under the W.C. Weil brand, providing customers with exceptional service and technical support to maintain and repair expensive municipal assets.
w.c. (25 Pa), field installations showed filter pressure drops far in excess of 0.10 in.
US rack systems producer Excel Storage Products LP said Friday it has inked a letter of intent to take over Ohio-based sector firm W.C. Cardinal Company Inc for an undisclosed sum and in an attempt to widen its product and service range.
It must be old because the first joke involves the legendary lush W.C. Fields.
Rear paved yard with w.c. Price: pounds 43,000SUTTON Kersh (Tel: 0151 734 0666) have a very stylish third floor apartment on their books.
For registration information, call 323-969-8951 or visit www.jamericanfilmfest.com * "The Father of the Blues," W.C. Handy, is honored November 16 at the W.C.
No, I don't mean Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and not Wendell Wilkie or Norman Thomas either, but the one candidate in the race who had the right attitude toward the government: W.C. Fields.
w.c. When equipped with a vaneaxial fan, the unit delivers 40,000 cfm at up to 4-in.