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or Waf  (wăf)
A member of the Women in the Air Force, organized after World War II, but now no longer a separate branch.

[From W(omen in the) A(ir) F(orce).]


Women in the Air Force



a member of the Women in the Air Force, an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force after World War II.
[1948; W(omen in the)A(ir)F(orce)]
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WAF can integrate with other network security technologies such as vulnerability scanners, DoS protection appliances, web fraud detection, and security information and event management solutions.
FortiWeb WAF protection will also be offered within NTT Com s WideAngle managed-security services for the cloud environments of individual enterprises and cloud providers.
The winner will be announced at the WAF awards ceremony on October 3.
WAF chief executive Tim Williams said: "Business and opportunities are always evolving and WAF must keep one step ahead.
WAF is the world's largest architectural festival and awards competition that is dedicated to commemorating architectural excellence and honouring design elitists from all over the world.
Erwin Huber Dohner, head of research and development at Switzerland-based WAF vendor Ergon Informatik, confirmed after seeing Ristic's presentation that the evasion methods are a problem for the industry.
Wales-born international businessman Bill Parfitt said: "To become the first patron of the WAF is a great honour and I am looking forward to this new challenge.
As well as recognising finished buildings, WAF celebrates unbuilt or yet to be completed work with its Future Projects Awards.
This is the first time Erginoglu and Calislar participated in WAF.
The WAF also called the apex court to instruct the federal and all the provincial governments to eradicate all existing jirgas and punish all those who participate in them.
WAF states that there appears to be no law enforcement and no heed paid to the higher judiciary (including the Supreme Court's) declaring jirgas and panchayats to be illegal parallel systems of "justice" and instructing the respective federal and provincial governments to eradicate them, and to punish those who participate in them.
Combining an industry leading WAF solution with our SpiderLabs services should make our application security capabilities unmatched in the industry.