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or Waf  (wăf)
A member of the Women in the Air Force, organized after World War II, but now no longer a separate branch.

[From W(omen in the) A(ir) F(orce).]


Women in the Air Force



a member of the Women in the Air Force, an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force after World War II.
[1948; W(omen in the)A(ir)F(orce)]
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WAFS devices aimed most of their technology at the file system layer where they streamlined the handling of file system protocols like CIFS and NFS across the WAN, along with performing functions like remote data caching of files to speed their access by remote users.
Accelerating file transfer speeds by up to a factor of 50, Exinda's WAFS acceleration completes the Exinda integration of wide area network (WAN) optimization and application acceleration platforms, fulfils the minimum UPM compliance requirements, delivers compelling productivity gains and return on investment (ROI) to the enterprise.
WAFS technology is fine for a limited number of primarily Windows-based applications, but it does little to address the problem of the increasing number of business applications that are being run over the Internet.
The need to unify WAFS and WAN optimization is causing vendors to change their products, or simply change the way they're sold, in order to distinguish themselves from the clamoring pack," said Mary Jander, Byte and Switch Site Editor and the author of the report.
Rickman takes the reader along on some wild rides with the WAFS women who gradually worked their way up flying fifty different types of airplanes, from trainers to P-47s, P-51s, and P-38s.
In late summer 2005 Fulcrum deployed WAFS software primarily to allow local staffs across the oceans to work with optimized file sharing access and continuous consolidated data protection backup.
In January 1943, Nancy divided her original WAFS squadron into four smaller squadrons to be stationed at ferrying bases around the country.
WAFS allows companies with remote offices to utilize the WAN to share files as if it were a virtual LAN, enabling real-time, read/write access to shared files while also guaranteeing the consistency and coherency of all file data.
E-Director Limited, a GlobalSCAPE WAFS reseller for more than six years, recently implemented the new version of WAFS with a multi-national customer.
GlobalSCAPE's MFT and WAFS solutions ensure the highest levels of compliance with government data security and privacy regulations, along with corporate security policies and mandates.
Leading Engineering Firm Greatly Accelerates Enterprise-Wide Collaborations and Backups with Brocade WAFS and Brocade StorageX
In response to member inquiries, Editor Paul McWilliams wrote: "I'm sure there are those who might suggest that Packeteer should focus more energy on leveraging its worldwide leadership in traffic classification to better exploit opportunities in security (thus competing more directly with Blue Coat) or ride the wave of WAFS as has Riverbed.